woensdag 6 februari 2013

Big Shoplog!

Still on my budget, but got a lot of nice stuff over the last few weeks I want to show you.

 First up these shoulder padded tops from ZARA.

Black suede ankle boots I found on sale at Asos.com. The brand is Park Lane.

A two tone tone bag I found at ZARA.

This blue bag was a gift from my boyfriend. He got it at Sacha.

A black and white striped linen top from H&M.

Two perfect fitting pants from H&M. The left one is H&M trend and the other one the plain label.

Catface top from H&M Divided.

Lace skirt from H&M.

The last two pairs of shoes still have to arrive to my home. Don't know if I will keep them. I found them both on H&M SALE for 10 and 15 euros.