zondag 12 oktober 2014

Kings of Suburbia - Tokio Hotel's New Album after all / How about it?

Seemed weird not to speak up about Tokio Hotel's new album after a wait of five YEARS and one day since Humanoid. I've thought and spoke about it so much since 2009. Was disappointed it took so long and a little mad it got postponed a few times too. But overall, I was just really looking forward to their new music. Now it's finally here, I don't really know how I feel about it...

Not hating on them saying I want "the old" Tokio Hotel back but not praising them for their "wonderful" album either like I've seen a lot of fans out there do.
In my opinion Run Run Run, Girl's Gotta Gun and Love who Loves you back are all pretty good songs. But the rest of the album is like some mediocre mainstream house music I would never listen to if it hadn't been produced by my favorite foursome.. or Tom Kaulitz, since we're being honest here.
My boyfriend is a dj and music producer so I do have something to say about this. I once fell for Tokio Hotel because of their creativity, their outspokenness, their guts and the ROCK music they made. I don't think any fanbase has the right to demand their idols make the same thing over and over because that is what their fans want. That's just a strike out to any true musicians creativity. It does me good to see them grow up and doing what they choose to do and I love the statements Bill's making on love and sexuality in their video's. But this is such a turnaround I don't think you can call them a band anymore. Never in a million years I would have thought I'd say this but I have no intention whatsoever to see them perform any of these songs "live". The autotune's just killing me. Would be fine if this was the album they made in their first year in LA. But this is definitely not the come back I've been waiting for.

What about you?

donderdag 29 mei 2014