zondag 30 december 2012

New Shoes

As promised, the newest shoes in my collection. First up;

    Red suede booties - Sacha

Two tone ankle boots - H&M

I already showed you I bought these high boots but now a picture of my own. These are H&M also.

I got rid of;

vrijdag 28 december 2012

New Collection / Spring Picks

I went to the SALE and got home with two more pairs of shoes (what else?) but before I will show you these I want to show you my picks from H&M's new spring collection 2013. I will be arriving next week already! I didn't pick any of the real supposed-to-wear-this-when-the-sun-is-actually-shining items because, let's face it, winter hasn't even quite get started!

Tell me what you think of my picks!

zondag 23 december 2012

Golden Heels - Christmas Time

Couldn't resist these beauties at ZARA last week.

I love the gold heels!

Also got this really cool number-tee with nice details on the sleeves which you cannot see in this picture...

We went to Germany to visit Primark but I didn't buy anything there. I'm sorry, but what a load of crap! Last time I went to a Primark was almost 2 years ago and it was so much better in my memory.. I was so looking forward to buying a lot of cute items but it seemed like everything was made out of polyester and the shoes and bags looked really plastic. Don't get me wrong, I don't shop in expensive stores at all but this was just a big disappointment. Maybe it's also because I allready own so much stuff that I'm a little more critical. Anyway, I'm not going back there haha.
We had a lovely time though and were really getting into our Christmas Spirits.

I want to wish you all a Lovely Christmas and New Years!

Small Monki Order

Got a few things to show you I ordered at Monki the other day. Two of the four tops were only 6 euros on SALE now!

zaterdag 15 december 2012

vrijdag 7 december 2012

New in my Closet - Yet another one!

Another shoplog. Reason? Just bought quite a few things over the last couple of weeks. I've sold so many things on the dutch Ebay, I'm actually starting to create some space in my closet.
Wanna see what I got?

Shirt - ZARA Looks kinda crappy on both pics but is a really nice shirt IRL. I really like the gold buttons.

Black studded sneakers - ZARA
The green ones form my last post I returned to ASOS because the fit was really poor unfortunately. These are really comfortable though, and that's supposed to be the point of these kind of shoes right?

Black lace skirt - H&M  (photos from kenzas.se) /SALE 15 euros

Fake suede booties - H&M

Suede platform boots - van Haren / SALE 25 euros

Fake suede boots - H&M / SALE 37,95 euros
These are my first high boots in years. I used to wear high boots a long time ago but over the last couple of years I always went for ankle booties. These ones I didn't receive yet so I'm curious how they'll fit me.

vrijdag 30 november 2012

New in my Closet - Shoplog!

Happy to show you my latest buys.

Swan tee - Asos

Khaki studded cardigan - Hearts and Bows

Dark red Elephant sweater - Asos

Studded sneakers - Asos

Green jumper - New Look

woensdag 28 november 2012

Save The Rhino!

Today was on the news that over 588 (FIVEHUNDREDANDEIGHTYEIGHT) rhino's were poached this year, to this date. The slaughter has worsened with the rising demand for rhino horn in Asian countries and increasing involvement of ruthless criminal syndicates. For your idea how much worse it got, in 2007 the amount of murdered rhino's in South Africa was 13.

Every animal's life is worth saving but I wanted to bring the rhino to your special attention since this beautiful creature is going to go extinct if we don't do something about it!

Go to www.savetherhino.org , www.WNF.nl or https://www.facebook.com/RhinoStamp to learn more and see how you can help.

dinsdag 27 november 2012

Bullet the blue sky

These are some pictures I shot today, do you like 'em? I also saw Tom Kaulitz posting this yesterday, and can't get over how very cute and applicable this is to me at the moment.

zondag 25 november 2012

I'm back!

Wow that was quite a break. When I stopped blogging I really didn't know for how long it was going to be. In the meantime I had to take a couple more breaks in my life since I was edging on to a total burn out. My working life was getting too busy and I was trying to manage everything at once. Admitting that it was getting too much was a hard thing for me to do but one of the wisest decisions I've ever made. I'm back on track now and want to continue with my blog in whatever form it will turn out and I will be happy if you are here to read it.

Thanks! Love, Kaya

woensdag 29 augustus 2012

I'm taking a blog break!

Maybe you've noticed I'm not posting as much as I used to. No reason in particular really I'm just a little blog tired right now I guess. That's why I've decided to take a blog break. I don't know when I will be back blogging or in what form I will get my thoughts into the world after.. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
Thanks for reading my posts en take care!
X Kaya

zondag 19 augustus 2012

Dress up!

I've bought no less than four new dresses over the last few weeks, including an off white lace dress. I've tried on so many but the fit or material was never quite what I was looking for. You'll never guess where I finally found the perfect one...

A New Look two tone dress.

A black lace dress - New Look. I've sold one from H&M, I liked this one better.

I still have to receive this one, can't wait! It's New Look also. I find such amazing things from this brand lately.

Ok here it is. My off white lace dress. And it is from... C&A! Can you believe it? I can't wait to wear this in winter with thick tights underneath, a knitted cardigan and my new ZARA boots.