vrijdag 30 september 2011


Some of my favs on the Topshop website right now

donderdag 29 september 2011

Got it!

Yay I managed to get my hands on the Nelly dress in lilac. I almost bought the blue version because the lilac was no longer available but now I'm so glad I didn't! Being ill and doing nothing but watching tv and surfing the web does have its advantages after all ;)

Childhood memories?

Yesterday I just realized something seeing that new picture of Ria Sommerfeld, who was she reminding me of?! And then it hit me. Remember back in the days the King Of Queens used to be Tom's favorite TV show? Well, thats what Ria looks like, like a young carrie, Doug's wife in the series. Her real name is Leah Remini and I think there's something in her looks that has a lot in common with Ria's. Let's see if you agree.
I'm not talking two drops of water but you can see what I mean though? Hmmm what more series did he used to like back then..

COS webshop

I've just told you Monki has a webshop yesterday and now I have more exciting news! COS, Concept of Style is the more exclusive clothing line concept from H&M which in the Netherlands was only sold in one COS store in Den Haag. In July it was made official that another COS store was opening in Amsterdam this fall. Right now there's more to be happy about 'cause COS also has a webshop which shippes to our small country.

woensdag 28 september 2011

Hot news! Ria shopping at Target!

When you're Tom Kaulitz' girlfriend this is obviously slammin' news. I know, I'm also posting this picture but thats all the news there is to it ;)
Ofcourse you're wondering on what website I found this picture, it's http://www.liesangeles.com/ 

Monki online

I just found out Monki has an online shop which shippes to the Netherlands! I don't know since when this is the case but I am nevertheless very pleased I know now. Can't be long though 'cause the news is still on their homepage.
I am a big fan of the Monki style, it's cheap, fashionable but a little different. I used to have to take the train to Amsterdam to visit their store so this is really convenient for me. Shippingcosts are 6 euro if you order from the Netherlands and you can pay by Visa or MasterCard.
I ordered this bright coloured scarf. Picture on the right is from http://www.myownlittleeverything.com/

dinsdag 27 september 2011

Beautiful things

Here are some items I wouldn't mind adding to my wardrobe..
This beautiful leather bag with leopard detail from Oasis
These booties from Nelly
This dress from Nelly, unfortunately sold out in this colour combination
This Monki jumper, old collection so my hope is set on Ebay (picture Kenzas.se)
Vero Moda dress
The metallic trend is not really my cup of tea but I think this dress will suit me just fine. I'm thinking christmas/party season (L). The dress is from Asos.

A simple black jumper from Topshop

zondag 25 september 2011

New Order

A little while ago I ordered this jumper at Boohoo.com
I received it a couple of weeks ago and it's absolutely stunning. Boohoo has a lot of acrylic jumpers and cardigans but this one has a 35%  mixture of wool in it. Last weekend I made a new order at the website.
What about this camel/tabacco cape coat? I already own a long black and a woolly grey coat plus a fake fur black jacket and wanted a brown one to add to my fall/winter collection. Just as it is with shoes I think the wrong coat totally ruïns your well thought out outfit. So I believe it's a good thing to own coats in different styles and colours. (I will show you my other coats sometime in the near future). I chose to take the smallest size and really hope it will fit me.

Then, a mustard coloured dress, what's more to say about it.. I don't like the belt so I'm planning on wearing this dress with one of my own small belts.
And last but not least, I wouldn't be me if I could have resisted these 25 pound booties in chocolate brown.

dinsdag 20 september 2011

New H&M Order

I've already told you I've made a new H&M order before I showed you my last. My current order I will receive in the first week of october and then I will show you my own pictures of the things I keep.

Before I found the jumper version of these kitty patterned hotpants in store I placed them in my online order. Just have to have these! I plan on wearing them under a short skirt or jumperdress in winter to keep me warm.

Cable jumper dress. I hope the colour will turn out to be more like the big rather than the smaller picture.

And ofcourse, another pair of shoes, I'm really looking forward to seeing these IRL

H&M tregging. I've actually stopped wearing jeggings/treggings for years now but I really like this colour and am curious how they will fit.

I've been craving for a nude/soft pink bag for ages and think this one will be just fine.

Orange knitted top

zondag 18 september 2011

Charles tamed my hair!

I've never wrote about beauty before but this I just have to share with you! Even though I'm often complimented for my hair I wake up every day looking like Diana Ross in the bush. My hair is dry, non-shiny and frizzy. I think I've actually tried every hairsmoothing product available in drugstores but it wasn't doing my hair any good.  First I want to show you what I've been using lately;
1. Hair Serum Gloss Glanz from Action - smells really good but does nothing for me.
2. Biosilk silk therapy bought at Douglas - very overrated in my opinion, can't say I'm satisfied after using this product for months, waiting for it's promised results of smooth and shiny hair. Never happened.
3. Hema serum shiny - should give shiny hair but didn't do that for me.
4. Aveda brilliant emollient finishing gloss - works a little bit but is so expensive (30 euros) that I won't buy it again.
5. Lóreal Elvive anti frizz serum - this product I'm actually using for ever. I apply it to wet hair after washing before I use my hairdryer. It is working well but I need more if I want to style my hair or use a curling or straightening iron.
6. Gliss Kur Hair repair - has this granny smell about it that made me use it only once or twice so I can't really say if it's working or not.
7. Schwarzkopf Got 2b Anti-frizz Lotion - I actually like this product, but it's more for the finishing touch and I don't think it's very protective. Be carefull when using this with other hairproducts.When I used this in combination with hairmousse from niveau I got all white little parts in my hair. Not a pretty sight.

So, a lot of stuff but not really what I'm looking for, until....
I found this "Hair Healer" at Etos. It's from Charles Worthington and only costs about 8 euro. It's a leave in gel-conditioner as it says on the back. It also says you're supposed to apply it on wet hair only but I was so curious what it might do that I applied a little bit on my dry hair. It makes it soft instantly and it smells really sweet. It also claims to provide added heat protection during styling. I don't know what this product will do in the long run but right now I'm thrilled!

H&M shoplog

In one of my last posts of my old blog I showed you my H&M online order. (If you're new here I forgive you you don't remember ;) ) Since then I've ordered again but right now I want to show you the things I've decided to keep.

First of all these gorgeous suede ankle boots.

I also kept a leopard scarf (I bought this in store actually), yellow skinny jeans, brown bodycon skirt (for only 4,50!) and leopard gloves.

I also took home with me;
This kitty jumper, which is really soft and comfy.
And of course, who would have ever guessed!! A new pair of wedges. I just loved the colour.

vrijdag 16 september 2011

New album Tokio Hotel in spring 2012!

It’s been a while since we’ve seen our favorite German Rockers, Tom and Bill Kaulitz, Georg Listing and Gustav Schäfer and I know we’re all on the edge waiting to hear their new material but looks like it’s all heading our way very soon according to Tokio Hotel's official US website!

The boys haven’t really been performing much lately but that’s because they moved to Los Angeles and are spending night and day in the studio to work on their new album which is to release in Spring 2012!

Tokio Hotel are a groundbreaking and unique band and always deliver, that’s what’s got fans across the globe going crazy over them.

Their first album as Tokio Hotel, Schrei, sold more than half a million copies worldwide, their second German album Zimmer 483 and their first English album Scream which have combined album sales of over one million copies worldwide. There’s no doubt this album will follow their successful trend.
Bron: MTV

woensdag 14 september 2011

Bill's new hair

In de 3 weken dat mijn blog stil lag is de kleurverandering van Bill's haar het grootste nieuws op Tokio Hotel gebied dus laat ik in ieder geval beginnen met wat foto's van zijn nieuwe look. Here we go;

Kayahotel.web-log.nl uit de lucht

Waarschijnlijk hebben jullie wel gemerkt dat er problemen zijn met weblog. Een simpele migratie van web-log.nl naar weblog.nl duurt nu al 3 weken zonder dat iemand weet hoe lang dit nog gaat duren. Omdat het voor mij iig zorgt voor ontwenningsverschijnselen ga ik mijn oude blog http://www.kayahotel.web-log.nl/ hier voortzetten. Mocht mijn oude weblog weer naar behoren werken en ik besluit alsnog daar verder te gaan dan zullen jullie het hier van me horen.