dinsdag 20 september 2011

New H&M Order

I've already told you I've made a new H&M order before I showed you my last. My current order I will receive in the first week of october and then I will show you my own pictures of the things I keep.

Before I found the jumper version of these kitty patterned hotpants in store I placed them in my online order. Just have to have these! I plan on wearing them under a short skirt or jumperdress in winter to keep me warm.

Cable jumper dress. I hope the colour will turn out to be more like the big rather than the smaller picture.

And ofcourse, another pair of shoes, I'm really looking forward to seeing these IRL

H&M tregging. I've actually stopped wearing jeggings/treggings for years now but I really like this colour and am curious how they will fit.

I've been craving for a nude/soft pink bag for ages and think this one will be just fine.

Orange knitted top

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  1. Ik zag de tregging volgens mij op een paspop en zag er wel nice uit!