zondag 24 maart 2013

Latest Buys - The XL edition

Haven't heard much from me lately but still want to drop my latest buys here for anyone who's still interested :) I've managed to shop a complete wardrobe over the last few weeks, be warned, it's crazy how much I bought (ON A BUDGET). I went a little overboard as you will see once you're done scrolling down.. Nevertheless, hope you like it!

H&M divided studded short

H&M divided leopard cardigan

H&M Conscious Collection cardigan

H&M high waist black skinny (love this fit!)

ZARA soft touch skinny jeans

ZARA open shoulder tee (I so hate Zara's website pictures, all looks crap)

Pieces spots top

H&M Trend striped tee

H&M soft pink heels

New Look smiley knit and striped top

H&M black crochet short

H&M white crochet short

New Look green peplum top

New Look black wedges

H&M studded blouse

H&M white knit with gold studs

H&M patterned trousers