zondag 20 oktober 2013

Monthly Shopping Update

Hello people! Ít's been almost a month since you've last seen me here and ofcourse I've done some shopping in the meantime which a normal person would maybe manage in a year. You've read well, I'm telling it as if it's an accomplishment but you know I'm joking right?
Just so you know, from the H&M order I've posted below, I only kept the belt and the skirt.

Let's go;
 Fake suede wedges - H&M

Boucle blazer - ASOS

Petrol jumper - H&M

Wine red jumperdress - H&M

Black marl Tshirt dress - H&M Divided

Snake print - jacket/cardigan - Vero Moda

Green leather ankleboots - Toff

Red dress - present

Fake suede bag - van Haren

Circle scarf - Van Haren

Gold rings - H&M (I LOVE these rings, I already got 4 sets, they're 5 euros for 11 rings)

zondag 22 september 2013

H&M Fall Order + Germany shopping

Too much great pieces on H&M.com. These are coming my way.

I've been to Germany last week and found two nice items I brought home across the border.
Snake print circle scarf - H&M

Green printed skirt - VILA

zaterdag 7 september 2013

Winter Wardrobe

Fall hasn't even started yet and I already got myself an almost complete new Winter Wardrobe.
Who can resist all the new collections in stores and online? I sure can't... obviously.

Fake leather ankle boots - H&M

Cropped jumpers - H&M Divided

Boyfriend jeans - H&M / These jeans have a beautiful wash and I absolutely adore them.

Authentics Teddy Fleece - Timberland / I've already owned Timberlands in the past but got rid of them because they were a little too small. Now I went half a size up and they're perfection.

Dark blue skinny jeans regular waist - H&M (There is a 20% discount on jeans now!) Notice me buying new jeans like mad? True, I've always worn ZARA but lately they seem to be making only 7/8 lenght skinny's. So I'm looking everywhere to find good substitutes.

Fake leather  peplum skirt - Only

Printed pants - H&M (Haven't received these yet)

Blue bodycon longsleeve dress - H&M / This dress was only 14,95 and I got 2 discount coupons from H&M for sending me a dress with stains so I payed 4,95 in the end.

Top - Chica This top was only 5 euro's as well and goes perfect with my Jeezy's.

zondag 25 augustus 2013

Home and Closet - New In

Big cups - Albert Heijn

Vase - H&M HOME

Can - H&M HOME

Wolf pillow case - H&M HOME
Roses pillow case - H&M HOME

Red cardigan - H&M Divided

Air Max 1 - Nike

Jumper - H&M

Red pleated blouse with studs - Coolcat

High waist skinny jeans - ZARA

Belated birthday presents - From my brother

dinsdag 13 augustus 2013

Bag it up - New ins

Hi fooks, how's your summer? I'm back with - what else - another shoplog.

I'll start with the well-known H&M skirt. I ordered both the coloured and the black & white one. I chose the first 'cause the black was, eventhough the exact same size, way too big? The tights are H&M as well.

This shoplog is called bag it up for a reason. I got the online exclusive dark blue bag from H&M and at ASOS I ordered three more. First up; this green doctors bag.

Lilac bag - ASOS (on SALE)

Chained purse - ASOS

Green suede cut out boots - ASOS

Gold bracelet - H&M, pink studded bracelet - Kruidvat

Fingertip gold rings - ASOS

Bronzing Shimmer Powder 002 pink  - Gosh and "Greed" nailpolish - Gosh (in 2 for 1 SALE)

Iphone cover - H&M SALE

zaterdag 20 juli 2013


As you can see I've made some adjustments to my latest post. Normally I just cross out things I didn't keep but I thought it would be nice to comment on the reason why.
It's shamefull but I have another shoplog for you guys.

Khaki pleated skirt - H&M SALE

Chained bag - Sacha

Green suede sneakerwedges - Sacha SALE (120 for 50 euros)
I still dont know how I feel about sneakerwedges. I've owned black ones from ZARA but never wore them so sold them again but these are so comfortable and green is so my favorite colour, plus the 70 euro discount also helped a little.

Oversized cardigans - Vero Moda
I lost my favorite cardigan and in the left one I found sort of a substitute. Ofcourse I couldn't just buy one so I also got the blue one. These were 26,95.

This is a tee from the H&M boys department. I plan to use this one as pajamas.

Glitter topcoat and nailpolish - Etos (2 for 3 euros)

woensdag 17 juli 2013

Fall Preview Order

I've, again, been cleaning out my closets and put a lot of stuff on Marktplaats but the actual cause of me having way too much clothing is that I keep buying new things! I'm still on my budget I created in the beginning of this year and eventhough I've slightly crossed it, it is still a good thing to see what goes out (things I've sold or got rid of) and what comes in. Long time ago I've realised that I have indeed an addiction for fashion and shopping. Ah well..

Latest things I've picked out on H&M.com seem to be from their Season Preview catalog.
Maxi skirt - H&M
This one's actually already in my possession. It's quite heavy in the wear since it has double layered polyester which is my least favorite fabric because it doesn't breathe but who's sweating in fall right? But if you're looking for a light airy skirt in summer, don't choose this one.
I ordered it also in the lighter version I also have in red

Fold over skirt - H&M
Too big for me

White tee - H&M

Gold bracelet - H&M This one I already own also, I really love it.

Blue bag - H&M Online Exclusive I have to wait another month 'till this baby will be delivered, hope it's worth the wait.

Wine red ankle boots - H&M
I'm such a sucker for H&M shoes, I like them so much, they always fit well and they're usually cheap. Haven't seen these IRL, will let you know if they are keepers.
They're not, real nice but were way too big for me.

Last item is not H&M, it's a dress with fake leather sleaves from New Look.
Had a great fit and was not too expensive. Think there are a lot of ways I can wear this dress next fall/winter with all the burgundy and greens I adored so much already last season.