zaterdag 29 juni 2013

H&M Update

Seems like almost every month I'm ordering from H& 'cause it's so easy to order and return plus they always have nice new stuff. Rarely I keep everything I order. Above you see the items I've kept from my last order (the red dress I have to re-order cause it had stains all down the front. Bummer, cause now the dress isn't available in my size until the 16th of august).You also see the items I'm still waiting for.

zaterdag 22 juni 2013

ZARA SALE and regular H&M order!

Only the white tee in the middle is new collection, the rest is all SALE. ZARA obviously.

All H&M

Have you done some SALE shopping yet?

woensdag 12 juni 2013

New in my Closet!

Pastel bag - van Haren

Stripe dress - H&M

Parka and top - Boohoo (I'm so in love with these items!)

H&M - Don't know when I'll be wearing this but I just had to have it haha

Dark red/purple cardigan - H&M This is more of a winter/fall item and that's why I'm having doubts if I should keep it. Same goes for the dress below.

Dress - H&M The cardi and the dress go great together but if I keep the dress I want to shorten it 'cause even the 34 is kinda big and long.

Neon bag - H&M Ofcourse there are still items on it's way to me. This time from H&M. What can I say I just love H&M and their service. I ordered this bag and a tee I will show you next, but a few days later both items were on SALE. I emailed H&M and they adjusted the SALE price immediately.

Top - H&M (5 euros on SALE)

Peep toe pumps - H&M SALE (10 euros)

Black dress - H&M

zondag 2 juni 2013

New Kicks!

I'm so excited about my new Nikes, I've added 2 pairs of Air Max 1 to my shoe collection.

Besides these puchases I've also bought some basics at H&M for 5 - 15 euro's a piece; two cardigans, black and green, the "Doutzen" tunic I already own in green in a white version, and a black bodycon skirt. I've made pictures but as said the're just basics and pretty boring to show you actually.
From my V&D order I've only kept the New Look crop top;

Not the best of photo's I know..

I'm also very content with the H&M order, especially the red long skirt (gorgeous colour) and the two harem pants. The ankle jeans went back to H&M.

At ZARA I picked up these jeans shorts.

And the only items I'm still waiting for (now) are this bikini

and these boots 

I've missed out on these last winter but now they were back in stock. They won't be arriving till the end of august though. But who needs wintery boots like these when we will be expecting nothing but warmth and sunshine for the coming 3 months eh ;)
Have a happy sunday!