donderdag 29 mei 2014

The Longest Wait

"Dude...where's this album you were talking about long before I came around?"

zondag 20 oktober 2013

Monthly Shopping Update

Hello people! Ít's been almost a month since you've last seen me here and ofcourse I've done some shopping in the meantime which a normal person would maybe manage in a year. You've read well, I'm telling it as if it's an accomplishment but you know I'm joking right?
Just so you know, from the H&M order I've posted below, I only kept the belt and the skirt.

Let's go;
 Fake suede wedges - H&M

Boucle blazer - ASOS

Petrol jumper - H&M

Wine red jumperdress - H&M

Black marl Tshirt dress - H&M Divided

Snake print - jacket/cardigan - Vero Moda

Green leather ankleboots - Toff

Red dress - present

Fake suede bag - van Haren

Circle scarf - Van Haren

Gold rings - H&M (I LOVE these rings, I already got 4 sets, they're 5 euros for 11 rings)

zondag 22 september 2013

H&M Fall Order + Germany shopping

Too much great pieces on H& These are coming my way.

I've been to Germany last week and found two nice items I brought home across the border.
Snake print circle scarf - H&M

Green printed skirt - VILA

zaterdag 7 september 2013

Winter Wardrobe

Fall hasn't even started yet and I already got myself an almost complete new Winter Wardrobe.
Who can resist all the new collections in stores and online? I sure can't... obviously.

Fake leather ankle boots - H&M

Cropped jumpers - H&M Divided

Boyfriend jeans - H&M / These jeans have a beautiful wash and I absolutely adore them.

Authentics Teddy Fleece - Timberland / I've already owned Timberlands in the past but got rid of them because they were a little too small. Now I went half a size up and they're perfection.

Dark blue skinny jeans regular waist - H&M (There is a 20% discount on jeans now!) Notice me buying new jeans like mad? True, I've always worn ZARA but lately they seem to be making only 7/8 lenght skinny's. So I'm looking everywhere to find good substitutes.

Fake leather  peplum skirt - Only

Printed pants - H&M (Haven't received these yet)

Blue bodycon longsleeve dress - H&M / This dress was only 14,95 and I got 2 discount coupons from H&M for sending me a dress with stains so I payed 4,95 in the end.

Top - Chica This top was only 5 euro's as well and goes perfect with my Jeezy's.

zondag 25 augustus 2013

Home and Closet - New In

Big cups - Albert Heijn

Vase - H&M HOME

Can - H&M HOME

Wolf pillow case - H&M HOME
Roses pillow case - H&M HOME

Red cardigan - H&M Divided

Air Max 1 - Nike

Jumper - H&M

Red pleated blouse with studs - Coolcat

High waist skinny jeans - ZARA

Belated birthday presents - From my brother