zondag 21 april 2013

Topshop & more

From my last new in my closet post I returned the skirt and the pineapple tee. This is supposed to make up for the many new things I've already bought since, things that I'm planning on buying and the things that were still on their way, like my latest Topshop order. Let's start with that.

 Topshop - Aztec top

 Topshop - mexican snood

Topshop - MOTO Jamie jeans
The jeans are my first Topshop jeans ever, I like them but I'm still seaching for the perfect pair. ZARA has my favorite skinny's but sometimes I don't like the washing or they are too short. I want my skinny's to be real skinny, also round the ankles, a normal or higher waist and real soft, not too short and not too long. Any suggestions anyone?

 Topshop - Mr Men notebook and memo

Topshop - Iphone case

Before I go on with a few beauty items and jewelry I want to show you my own pics of my H&M heels and bag from my last post.

 H&M - beige heels

H&M - Ecru bag

 Catrice - Multi colour blush My favorite one already, perfect colour for me!

Claire's - hairthingies, golden cross ring and "Do You Love Me" body mist
Kruidvat - gold ring
And yes, I'm too lazy to turn this picture around. Enjoy your sunday!

zaterdag 13 april 2013

New in my closet

And another one already! I'm finding so much cute stuff for spring/summer, I love it!

First up; jewelry! All Bijou Brigitte

 Army green studded shorts - New Yorker

New All Stars, I already own a pair of black ones

H&M The New Icons

Army green (noticed I really dig this colour?) pants - H&M Conscious Collection

H&M skirt

Pineapple Tshirt - H&M trend

Beige bag - H&M

Floral shoes - H&M (these were only 9,95)

Fake suede beige heels - H&M

Some things I still have to receive, and I'm also waiting for an order I placed at Topshop :)
Have a sunny weekend everybody!