woensdag 11 maart 2015

Things that never change

When I blogged about Tokio Hotel's new album last october I wasn't very positive to say the least and stating (and I quote) that I had no intention whatsoever to see them perform live.
Well, I changed my mind, how 'bout that.
Have I been listening to their new album non-stop like I did with the old ones? Nope.
Have I been following their every move like back in the days? Nope.
Do they after all, have this special place in my heart and all the memories attached to it, that I just couldn't NOT go see them? Hell yes!

So I told my TH bestie to pull out her permanent markers (why did people do this? You can't go write someone's name across your face, that is not normal) 'cause we're going to see Tokio Hotel next week!
I was late ordering tickets so all seats were taken so we have to stand in front of the stage. Good chance to see them up close, that would be nice for a change.
I'm really wondering if there are still some old school TH fans left in Holland and what the're like nowadays.
I know not a lot of people are reading this since I've been giving my blog the silent treatment for quite some time but if you are going to see them this World Tour please let me know in the comments!