zaterdag 7 september 2013

Winter Wardrobe

Fall hasn't even started yet and I already got myself an almost complete new Winter Wardrobe.
Who can resist all the new collections in stores and online? I sure can't... obviously.

Fake leather ankle boots - H&M

Cropped jumpers - H&M Divided

Boyfriend jeans - H&M / These jeans have a beautiful wash and I absolutely adore them.

Authentics Teddy Fleece - Timberland / I've already owned Timberlands in the past but got rid of them because they were a little too small. Now I went half a size up and they're perfection.

Dark blue skinny jeans regular waist - H&M (There is a 20% discount on jeans now!) Notice me buying new jeans like mad? True, I've always worn ZARA but lately they seem to be making only 7/8 lenght skinny's. So I'm looking everywhere to find good substitutes.

Fake leather  peplum skirt - Only

Printed pants - H&M (Haven't received these yet)

Blue bodycon longsleeve dress - H&M / This dress was only 14,95 and I got 2 discount coupons from H&M for sending me a dress with stains so I payed 4,95 in the end.

Top - Chica This top was only 5 euro's as well and goes perfect with my Jeezy's.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Zo jij hebt echt goed ingeslagen weer haha! Die laarsjes van de H&M zien er heel mooi uit. Ik dacht eigenlijk dat ze er heel nep uit zouden zien, maar dat is totaal niet het geval.

  2. Leuke aankopen, had die laarsjes van H&M ook in de online shop gezien en vind ze erg gaaf! Sowieso is de schoenencollectie van H&M op dit moment hebberigmakend haha!

  3. Leuk! Ik ga die laarsjes denk ik ook nog wel bestellen

  4. Mooie aankopen, heerlijke truien en Timberlands. Nice!

  5. Leuke dingen heb je gekocht! Vooral de truien :)