woensdag 17 juli 2013

Fall Preview Order

I've, again, been cleaning out my closets and put a lot of stuff on Marktplaats but the actual cause of me having way too much clothing is that I keep buying new things! I'm still on my budget I created in the beginning of this year and eventhough I've slightly crossed it, it is still a good thing to see what goes out (things I've sold or got rid of) and what comes in. Long time ago I've realised that I have indeed an addiction for fashion and shopping. Ah well..

Latest things I've picked out on H&M.com seem to be from their Season Preview catalog.
Maxi skirt - H&M
This one's actually already in my possession. It's quite heavy in the wear since it has double layered polyester which is my least favorite fabric because it doesn't breathe but who's sweating in fall right? But if you're looking for a light airy skirt in summer, don't choose this one.
I ordered it also in the lighter version I also have in red

Fold over skirt - H&M
Too big for me

White tee - H&M

Gold bracelet - H&M This one I already own also, I really love it.

Blue bag - H&M Online Exclusive I have to wait another month 'till this baby will be delivered, hope it's worth the wait.

Wine red ankle boots - H&M
I'm such a sucker for H&M shoes, I like them so much, they always fit well and they're usually cheap. Haven't seen these IRL, will let you know if they are keepers.
They're not, real nice but were way too big for me.

Last item is not H&M, it's a dress with fake leather sleaves from New Look.
Had a great fit and was not too expensive. Think there are a lot of ways I can wear this dress next fall/winter with all the burgundy and greens I adored so much already last season.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Hele leuke dingen!
    Vooral die rok en dat jurkje!

  2. De maxi rok, tshirt en schoentjes zijn mijn fav! Heel leuk allemaal

  3. Ik heb de maxi rok gisteren ook toevallig gepast, vond hem inderdaad niet luchtig genoeg