zaterdag 20 juli 2013


As you can see I've made some adjustments to my latest post. Normally I just cross out things I didn't keep but I thought it would be nice to comment on the reason why.
It's shamefull but I have another shoplog for you guys.

Khaki pleated skirt - H&M SALE

Chained bag - Sacha

Green suede sneakerwedges - Sacha SALE (120 for 50 euros)
I still dont know how I feel about sneakerwedges. I've owned black ones from ZARA but never wore them so sold them again but these are so comfortable and green is so my favorite colour, plus the 70 euro discount also helped a little.

Oversized cardigans - Vero Moda
I lost my favorite cardigan and in the left one I found sort of a substitute. Ofcourse I couldn't just buy one so I also got the blue one. These were 26,95.

This is a tee from the H&M boys department. I plan to use this one as pajamas.

Glitter topcoat and nailpolish - Etos (2 for 3 euros)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Supermooie foto's, die lakjes zijn leuk en ik hou van rokjes voor de zomer! X Anna

  2. Dat tasje van Sacha is echt heeeel leuk!

  3. Mooi tasje en de sneakerwedges hebben een mooie kleur!