zondag 18 september 2011

H&M shoplog

In one of my last posts of my old blog I showed you my H&M online order. (If you're new here I forgive you you don't remember ;) ) Since then I've ordered again but right now I want to show you the things I've decided to keep.

First of all these gorgeous suede ankle boots.

I also kept a leopard scarf (I bought this in store actually), yellow skinny jeans, brown bodycon skirt (for only 4,50!) and leopard gloves.

I also took home with me;
This kitty jumper, which is really soft and comfy.
And of course, who would have ever guessed!! A new pair of wedges. I just loved the colour.

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  1. supermooie wedges!
    hoe lopen ze?

    xx itsfashion-bitch.blogspot.com