zondag 18 september 2011

Charles tamed my hair!

I've never wrote about beauty before but this I just have to share with you! Even though I'm often complimented for my hair I wake up every day looking like Diana Ross in the bush. My hair is dry, non-shiny and frizzy. I think I've actually tried every hairsmoothing product available in drugstores but it wasn't doing my hair any good.  First I want to show you what I've been using lately;
1. Hair Serum Gloss Glanz from Action - smells really good but does nothing for me.
2. Biosilk silk therapy bought at Douglas - very overrated in my opinion, can't say I'm satisfied after using this product for months, waiting for it's promised results of smooth and shiny hair. Never happened.
3. Hema serum shiny - should give shiny hair but didn't do that for me.
4. Aveda brilliant emollient finishing gloss - works a little bit but is so expensive (30 euros) that I won't buy it again.
5. Lóreal Elvive anti frizz serum - this product I'm actually using for ever. I apply it to wet hair after washing before I use my hairdryer. It is working well but I need more if I want to style my hair or use a curling or straightening iron.
6. Gliss Kur Hair repair - has this granny smell about it that made me use it only once or twice so I can't really say if it's working or not.
7. Schwarzkopf Got 2b Anti-frizz Lotion - I actually like this product, but it's more for the finishing touch and I don't think it's very protective. Be carefull when using this with other hairproducts.When I used this in combination with hairmousse from niveau I got all white little parts in my hair. Not a pretty sight.

So, a lot of stuff but not really what I'm looking for, until....
I found this "Hair Healer" at Etos. It's from Charles Worthington and only costs about 8 euro. It's a leave in gel-conditioner as it says on the back. It also says you're supposed to apply it on wet hair only but I was so curious what it might do that I applied a little bit on my dry hair. It makes it soft instantly and it smells really sweet. It also claims to provide added heat protection during styling. I don't know what this product will do in the long run but right now I'm thrilled!

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  1. Nice! bedankt voor de tip die ken ik nog niet. Ik weet niet of je ergens een salon bij je in de buurt hebt wat Kerastase verkoopt? (Toni&Guy filialen hebben het bv.) dat is ook een super goed merk en ze hebben ook serums x