zondag 25 september 2011

New Order

A little while ago I ordered this jumper at Boohoo.com
I received it a couple of weeks ago and it's absolutely stunning. Boohoo has a lot of acrylic jumpers and cardigans but this one has a 35%  mixture of wool in it. Last weekend I made a new order at the website.
What about this camel/tabacco cape coat? I already own a long black and a woolly grey coat plus a fake fur black jacket and wanted a brown one to add to my fall/winter collection. Just as it is with shoes I think the wrong coat totally ru├»ns your well thought out outfit. So I believe it's a good thing to own coats in different styles and colours. (I will show you my other coats sometime in the near future). I chose to take the smallest size and really hope it will fit me.

Then, a mustard coloured dress, what's more to say about it.. I don't like the belt so I'm planning on wearing this dress with one of my own small belts.
And last but not least, I wouldn't be me if I could have resisted these 25 pound booties in chocolate brown.

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