vrijdag 7 december 2012

New in my Closet - Yet another one!

Another shoplog. Reason? Just bought quite a few things over the last couple of weeks. I've sold so many things on the dutch Ebay, I'm actually starting to create some space in my closet.
Wanna see what I got?

Shirt - ZARA Looks kinda crappy on both pics but is a really nice shirt IRL. I really like the gold buttons.

Black studded sneakers - ZARA
The green ones form my last post I returned to ASOS because the fit was really poor unfortunately. These are really comfortable though, and that's supposed to be the point of these kind of shoes right?

Black lace skirt - H&M  (photos from kenzas.se) /SALE 15 euros

Fake suede booties - H&M

Suede platform boots - van Haren / SALE 25 euros

Fake suede boots - H&M / SALE 37,95 euros
These are my first high boots in years. I used to wear high boots a long time ago but over the last couple of years I always went for ankle booties. These ones I didn't receive yet so I'm curious how they'll fit me.

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