zondag 6 november 2011

The Perfect Male

Even though I have already found the perfect male, and in a lot more than a good appearance, I think it won't hurt to treat you with some man-candy, if you have the same taste as I do that is. I am sometimes shocked to see that I can't see anything attractive in the world's supposed to be hottest males?? Anyway I want to take you way back to when I was very young and show you my first celebrity crush.

When I first saw Terminator 2 (which is a great movie btw, also because I was a big Guns 'n' Roses fan) I developed an instant crush for the then very young Edward Furlong. I've watched the movie so many times and couldn't get enough of his hair flip when mounting his motorbike or his hoarse voice.

I actually didn't have any crushes after that now I came to think of it but now I just want to show you what my recent taste in men is like. If I could mix 'em all up you'll have my perfect male.

OK OK I'm lying! I did have another crush or I might as well say I do have. My second crush started in 2005 when I saw this lovely fella in the monsoon video on MTV. I never recovered. He's adjusted his look over the years but there's something in his eyes, lips, face, walk, voice that I find so very attractive. His name is Tom Kaulitz and he is the guitar player in Tokio Hotel.

Ok back to my initial plan goddamnit!

Meet Harvey Newton-Hayden, he's a model at ADAM London and you recently saw him in a L'oreal commercial for spikey hair or something..

I love his eyes and his lips and he also has a litlle bit bad boy going on which has definitely to be present in order to attract my attention.

Fredrik Ljungberg is a swedish soccer player and I like him for his strong jaw line and again the eyes. Eventhough this picture might give you the wrong idea, I actually do not like his body, it's too sharp for me.

I don't think I need to explain I don't like men with boobies or a beer belly but most important in a men's body to me are his arms and shoulders. I don't like really high shoulders but I just hate round ones, this is a real turn-off for me. Ben Saunders, who is the winner of the first The Voice edition in the Netherlands, has the perfect shoulders and arm muscles.

Jared Padalecki was already cute in Gilmore Girls (which is my alltime favorite series) but grew out a real man in Supernatural. (A show I haven't seen in my life haha but someone pointed this out to me).

There's nothing in particular I like about him, it's just his overall appereance. And well, his body ofcourse.

For the last but definitely not least guy in my list I actually have to show you a video because you have to see Timor Steffens in motion. Timor is a very famous dancer who was selected to be one of the twelve dancers for Michael Jackson's This is it tour. He has the perfect smile and more sex appeal than you can handle when watching this on a big screen ;)

Hope you liked it! X Kaya

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  1. Ik wist natuurlijk al dat we een beetje dezelfde smaak hadden, lekkere dingetjes staan hier hoor! behalve Ben :p En Edward is nu ook best lelijk maar begrijp het goed in die film, hij heeft op die foto een beetje een cute Leonardo Dicaprio in Titanic tijden-snoetje