woensdag 7 maart 2012

Pastels - New in

I love all the pastels I see in stores and on all my favorite bloggers. Before I'm about to show you once more what items I've added to my own wardrobe I have to tell you that I'm aware of the fact that I really buy a lot. To prevent my closets getting full I also sell clothes I don't wear any more on Ebay. Last month I've sold 10 pieces. This way I can still maintain my fashion addiction but make sure I don't drown in all my stuff.

I don't own any shoes with this kind of heel, they are either flat or have high heels but I loved the colour on these ones so decided to order them anyway.

Same goes for ballerina's on top. I haven't worn ballerina's for ages and the last ones I ordered I sent back because they were too plastic and didn't fit well. These are real suede and will probably feel a little more comfy on my feet. The socks I just love!

How about the shape and colour of this skirt, it's H&M trend. I'm really looking forward to Spring!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Love pastel, dat rokje is super!



  2. ik ben ook dol op pastel kleurtjes! vooral mintgroen, lila en koraal!

    liefs, lisanne
    ps. ik verloot een supertrash jurkje op mijn blog!

  3. Ik ben niet echt een fan van pastel kleurtjes (doe mij maar neon of gewoon zwart haha), maar ik ben toch wel een beetje dol op mint groen! Die rok is ook heel mooi!