woensdag 9 mei 2012

New New Look

Ok, I'm going a little crazy on the shopping - again. Besides this one I have a few more orders to show you but first let me explain why I've re-ordered some items you saw me ordering over a month  before
I received a refund from New Look because it had been over 3 weeks and my order still didn't arrive. So I re-ordered the items that were still available. In the meantime the original order arrived after all! I've given away the shoes (that were wayyy too small) and the cardigan that was too big but kept the two Tshirts and top.
Now the aztec print tee will come again as well as the too small wedges...I hope the coral heels will be a normal size 38 and do fit me 'cause I like them a lot. I also went for a nice basic tee, a multicoloured knit (which also was only available in a size M so I hope it's not too big) some grey snake print jeans (for only 9 pounds I believe) and a pink belt.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. De printed top is echt heel leuk! Hoop dat de heels je passen, want ze zien er leuk uit!

  2. Die shirtjes zijn echt schattig! Die met aztec print (linksonder) is zeker weten mijn favoriet. Super leuke selectie.

  3. aaah de shirtjes zijn idd erg mooi
    hou van de aztec print!

    New outfit post; Zara flower pants