woensdag 9 januari 2013

Finders Keepers

Recently I showed you both my H&M and my Monki order. They both arrived in the meantime and I want to show you what I've kept.

About Monki I can be short, I've ofcourse kept all 4 tops. They were cute and really cheap, two of them were only 6 euros each.

From the H&M order I kept the jegging (eventhough the fit isn't too great, it's only 9,95 and I like the print) and the top. It's really soft and comfy. On the website the collar of the top was supposed to be black but it's grey IRL, nevertheless, cute top to keep.

Sorry 'bout the poor quality of this photo, I took it during the day. This is the proof we need more sunshine after all these grey days.. The coat is the last thing I kept from my H&M order. I just liked it. The fake leather sleeves are rather short though, if you have long arms like me, might be good to know ;)

I also received the wolf jumper from Primark but I don't think I'll keep it. It's kinda a little girls sweater because of the pink and the little sparkle stones on it.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Ah jammer van je wolf trui! De jas vind ik heel leuk!

  2. Ohlala die wolven trui is zo leuk! En je tees ook.

  3. Oh ik hou van dat Haute Couture shirt van de Monki! Ik heb hem van vorig jaar geloof ik met witte letters. Vind het ook tof van Monki dat ze zo'n simpel shirt de hele tijd veranderen. Dat H&M jasje is ook eeeecht geweldig.

  4. Leuke dingetjes heb je gehouden :). Vind je jas met leather sleeves echt gaaf, en je wolventrui ook!

  5. Leuke tshirts en vind je jas echt suuuuper!