vrijdag 28 oktober 2011

Leopard Love

The thing I love about Topshop is that when certain things are sold out, you know they will be back in stock someday. The thing I hate about Topshop is that you never know when this will be. A little while ago I ordered two pair of boots, the Allegra Chelsea Platform Boots

(^ these) and the Maccoy Ankle Boots in leopard. Unfortunately for me the complete order got lost in the mail and the shoes never made it to my home. I found the Allegra boots on ebay and paid a lot of money for them but found out later they're so worth it. In the meantime the boots are now in back stock on the Topshop site, but so were the leopard boots, so I've ordered them (again) yesterday!
I hope they'll please me as much as the Allegra ones do.
I also fell in love with another leopard item on Romwe.com which will also be mine within a little while.

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