donderdag 6 oktober 2011

Taking it back

Maybe it's because I already have such a huge wardrobe that's making me a little more critical about what to keep and what not. My Boohoo order and my Nelly dress are going back to where they came from.
The cape jacket looked so cute but I can only move my arms just a little to the side and that's it, not handy at all! The yellow dress is more like a top than a dress when put on and the Nelly dress was really nice and fitted me well but I'm still having doubts whether or not to keep it. It has a fragile button to keep the fabrics in place, which I know I'm gonna break immediately. Further more it's a summerdress and summer is, as you all may have noticed, so over! The shoes finally were just cheap looking so no doubts there. I don't think it's bad to send some things back when having doubts 'cause big chance you wouldn't be wearing it after all. Plus, leaves you more money for new things, and yes I'm totally speaking to myself here ;)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hihi daarom bestel ik niet vaak online, k zou altijd alles terugsturen denk ik :p veels te kieskeurig. Maar als het gratis terug zenden is boeit het niet zoveel, wel jammer van de schoenen die leken me ook wel leuk.

  2. Stuur niet vaak iets terug maar vond t nu wel verstandig. Helaas kostte me dat 20 euro :( dat was wel minder