woensdag 18 januari 2012

Owned - My Wardrobe

I'm sure it won't be long untill I start posting new cravings and wishlists but today I'm going for a different approach. I've been looking into the new season collections on different webshops and got in the mood for spring summer 2012. I've made a small collage of what I already own and plan on wearing next season.

*click to enlarge*
From left to right, top to bottom;
White knitted tank - H&M (I saw they sell it on H&M.com again in different colours), grey shorts - H&M, green t-shirt - ZARA (I've worn this so much last year, I also have a white and a blue version), white crochet dress - H&M, yellow skinny - H&M, green skinny - H&M (this one's new), yellow skirt - H&M, crochet shorts - H&M, heels - H&M, stripe skirt - H&M, glitter skirt - H&M (new), grey top - H&M trend, soft pink bag- H&M, green tee - Topshop, white tee - Topshop, Mickey tank - Topshop, lime shorts - Topshop and high waist shorts H&M (new).

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