woensdag 25 januari 2012

Shoplog - New in my Wardrobe

I've had a slow start in 2012, but it seems as though I'm getting back on track ;)
The bright blue jumper on the right I bought last week, it's really light and has small holes in it, perfect for spring. The green tank is from New Look and was only 5 euro. The jeans are also from New Look and for 24,95 I'd never expected such great fit. I loved the colour and to my surprise it fitted like a glove. The label says "SuperSoftSkinny".
I almost forget to tell you that I've bought one other thing on Ebay, these Navajo trousers from ZARA.
The girl on the left is one of my favorite bloggers, Phuong from Travel in Style.
The other pictures aren't mine either.

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