dinsdag 17 april 2012

Bill and Tom's dad is "worried"

Bill and Tom's biological dad Jörg says in an interview with Bild that he is very worried about his two sons.

He describes the youth of his sons as that of prisoners. He says he was allowed to visit concerts of Tokio Hotel but had to watch and see Gordon (the new husband of the twins mother Simone) and his ex-wife being there as the official parents while he had to hide his presence. Jörg says he has hardly any contact with his sons anymore since they left for LA in 2010. The last text message he got from Tom said "We're having problems and must work on our past".

Jörg says the twins have been rushed from concert to concert until they were burnt out which was so stressfull it made them "mentally ill".
Last news on this is the fact that Jörg claims the twins have send him a letter that demands of their father never to speak about their past again, in return he was offered 6000 euro hush money.

 Bill and Tom with their dad

Source: Bild.de

Personally I think this is more about money than true concern about his sons and so does Pro 7;

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