vrijdag 10 augustus 2012

Worth the wait - (You know where the F you are?!)

On july 14th I ordered a bag and a top at VJ style and it arrived only a few days ago but it was so worth the wait!

There is one thing that absolutely annoys the crap out of me and that is people wearing a band shirt not knowing a single song from the band on it. I know, I don't set the rules, this is just my humble opinion. A few years ago a bandshirt started to become a fashionitem and I saw Guns n Roses tops and tanks appear even at H&M. All this time I resisted. Now I finally also got one but mine comes with a story. Guns n Roses was my alltime favorite band since I was a little kid. My room was covered in posters of Axl and Slash from floor to ceiling and I used up all my allowance to pay for all the magazines in which they were featured. I have an original Get in the ring (motherfucker!) tour Tshirt hanging in my appartment and I saw Axl, Dizzy and their new band members play this last june. When I ever get married I knew since I was twelve I want the speakers to play "I think about you" when I walk down the aisle. So I think I'm permitted one China made illegal band logo printed shirt ;)

 The bag I already showed you but these are pictures of my own. It's even prettier in real life, I love it!

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  1. Hello..do you live in Netherland? Did you pay any taxes when the package came? I want to order a bag from vjstyle but afraid of the unexpected taxes from the customs. Thanks!