zondag 12 augustus 2012

ZARA - New in

You know I do sometimes try to stop buying shoes right?

These are actually shoes I do need. I own one pair of flat boots but last winter I found out they weren't waterproof anymore. Flat boots don't really scream my name but these are pretty cool right?

These I didn't need at all. I just ordered them because they are so cute and were 'only' 50 euros. It's fake suede though.

Of this oversized jumper I didn't make photo's yet but it's really a must have. It goes with everything and is really comfortable. It has an asymetric hem and is a 100% cotton piece. It only comes in a size M so it's pretty large on me but I kinda like it.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh die bike boots, love love love them!!!

  2. Specialist ter zake: Ik ben op zoek naar een mooie military broek, heb jij toevallig leuke gezien? Ik tot nu toe alleen bij Zara en die zat me niet mooi.

    Zoiets: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-hwESMvwmhw0/UB8BTznEenI/AAAAAAAACoU/J1HMYiX7FuQ/s1600/army_camo_jeans_zara7.jpg

  3. Oeh je hebt de musthave laarzen :)! Hoe zitten ze? En lopen ze fijn?

  4. Leuke aankopen! Die laarzen zijn prachtig ♥


  5. thanks for the nice comment. i really like all the pieces in the post