zaterdag 4 mei 2013

New in my Closet - Asos

Never change a winning team people, so I'm back with another "latest buys". Amongst it are pieces of an Asos order and some things from H&M, Vero Moda and New Look.

I already got these pants in green and they are so comfortable I also bought them in white. There from H&M's Concious Collection

Black tee with details on the shoulders - H&M

Light blue cardigan - Vero Moda
Already my favorite cardi for summer and I own quite a lot of them. I just really like the fresh colour, which doesn't come out as well as it is irl in this photo.

White leather belt - H&M

Lilac jumper - SALE H&M

Wedges - New Look via ASOS
I love them and they're really comfortable except for the zipper at the back. WHY does there have to be a zipper cutting in the back of your heels? Please stop doing this shoe-making-people-everywhere.

Skinny jeans - ASOS
These are quite nice actually.

This is the coulour irl.

Gold bracelets - ASOS

Skater skirt with floral print - ASOS

Hope you liked it. Won't be too long till I've got new things to show you I'm guessing...
Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend (or vacation if you're really lucky ;)

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  1. New Look in de winkel of New Look via hun eigen site is meestal paar euro goedkoper dan asos! (Behalve als je maar een ding neemt, want verzending is wel 5 pond)