donderdag 9 mei 2013

Tokio WHO?

It's been quite a while since I've posted anything about Tokio Hotel. Main reason; except for both twins growing a lot of facial hair, there was no news for a very long time. The brothers took their well deserved rest in LA and the other half of the band was still in Germany.
On september 16th of 2011 I posted on this very blog that the next album was coming out spring 2012.
This didn't happen. The last couple of weeks give us new hope 'cause there are starting to appear pictures and messages of Gustav and Georg on the web. And guess what, it seems like the're actually making music!

If there's anything big happening in the alien galaxy (I just hate we're called aliens, is that allowed?) I'll keep you posted. I'll finish with this youtube vid that isn't that newsworthy but just made me laugh when I saw it.

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