zondag 4 december 2011

I'm thinking about getting a pet

How awesome are these hamsters?! I'm thinking about getting myself one as a pet. People often ask me, as I'm such a huge animal lover, why I don't have any pets. Well, thats the exact reason, because I love animals too much! I cannot provide them the attention and care they need because I live in an 3-room appartment, on my own and working all week. I don't want to get a dog and make him stay at home all day while I'm away, barking like mad and tearing down the place. A pet that can stay at home alone and doesn't need any company from peers is the hamster. I'm reading about hamsters now, deciding if it might be the right pet for me and when that is the case I'm planning on taking one home with me from an animal shelter. I can't stop smiling looking at those pictures...

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Awh.. Moet je doen! Hamsters zijn zo lief en klein enzo, hahaha.


  2. haha, ik hou niet zo van huisdieren maar ach waarom niet!

  3. nawww bij die linksonder wil je gewoon over zn buikje kietelen koetsjiekoetsjie