dinsdag 6 december 2011


Yesterday I celebrated "pakjesavond" with my family, we had a real good time and I got a lot of presents.
I got; a big pan for soup, nougat, candles, magazine, Etos gift card, a Harry Potter wand (haha, yup my boyfriend bought me one since I'm a big Harry Potter fan. Don't be surprised if you see me waving it around in a nearby H&M store to get the last piece in my size "STUPEFY!!" LOL), a doormat, thights, a black scarf, mascara, a little note book, a cappucino topper, a New Look cardigan, a ring from my boyfriend rose print pyamas and money.
                                                A better look of the New Look cardigan

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuk new look vest! lekker verwend ben je, wij vieren kerst hier enkel nog met een hoop snoepjes :p Heb mezelf dan maar wat verwend met wat stuff, binnekort shoplog dus haha x

  2. oei sinterklaas moest dat dus zijn, niet kerst! zo ver zitten we nog niet ;)