vrijdag 30 december 2011

New in my Wardrobe

I just posted a wishlist 2 days ago! But it's christmas time guys, let's spoil ourselves a little ;)
These French Connection boots were on my Asos saved items list for quite some time. The day I posted my wishlist they became "low in stock" and then I decided to buy them. They were on sale but still the most expensive pair of shoes I own. But then again, I've wanted black leather ankle boots for such a long time and I also made some space in my shoe closet by returning  these and selling the first and third pair in this picture.
Because I love shoes so much I have to sell some pairs sometimes because otherwise my collection is just becoming too huge. Ofcourse stop buying new ones is also an option..... nah.. it isn't actually ;)

I bought this blue sparkly top at H&M which I already own in beige.
MORE shoes, I know! These are H&M and I just can't do without my wedges. These are my daily shoes, I still have the height but with the platform also the comfort.

An electric blue fluffly jumper that was on my wishlist months ago. Got it on SALE at Asos.com

A bright pink jumper I found on SALE. Now I actually have to stop buying knits. I adore them and own them in all types and colours
Have a nice evening tomorrow celebrating New Years!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Woooow, die hakken lijken echt killing. Maar ze lopen dus wel fijn? Ik heb ze helemaal niet gezien bij de H&M. Heel erg mooi.


  2. Leuke boots en wat een heerlijke truien!


  3. De boots van ASOS en je knit zijn cool! Happy new year! X