dinsdag 28 februari 2012

Beauty Shoplog

1. Wax strips sensitive skin, (20 pcs for 1,39 euro!) - Action
2. Vaseline sheer infusion body lotion - Action
3. Pore strips - Action
4. Nude Magique BB cream - L'oreal

Action is a cheap dutch store where you can find almost anything for almost nothing. I don't go there often but sometimes stop by to get some tape (to wrap up all the clothes I sell on Ebay ;) ) and pore strips. This time I also picked up Sensitive Skin Wax Strips (20 strips for 1 euro and 39 cents! In other drugstores I pay around 9 to 11 euro's for 20 strips so if these work well I'm really happy) and Vaseline Body Moisturizer. On my lips I only use pure Vaseline 'cause this is the only product that makes my lips smooth and I also use Vaseline's hand- and nailcream to full satisfaction so I'm curious to find out if the moisturizer of this brand will get rid of the dry spots I sometimes have on my body.
Last but not least is another product I can't wait to test, L'oreal Nude Magique BB Cream. It was featured in Sylvie van der Vaart's new program "The Face" yesterday and almost sold out everywhere. I already tried Garnier's BB cream but I'm just more of a L'oreal kinda girl ;)
Will tell you what I think of it later.

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  1. hihi leuk dat je ook naar de Action bent geweest, ik moet de porie strips ook nog steeds testen