woensdag 8 februari 2012

DIM (Did It Myself)

Ok I'll warn you. There's a big possibility you're absolutely gonna love what I just did myself BUT won't be able to do it 'cause you don't have the tools or, more important, the skills, to pull this off.
I will show you anyway, try to keep up.

I had this shirt for quite a while but it always was a little tight at the upperarms. I still loved the shirt so I didn't want to throw it out. Here's what I did to it;

Step 1. Take a good look at the shirt in front of you, do you really want it to be sleeveless? Make up your mind!
Step 2. Take a pair of scissors and cut the sleeves off.
Step3. Managed? Take a rest, you'll need it.

I don't know how this baby will turn out after washing it, but for now I totally love my new garment.

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