woensdag 22 februari 2012

New in - H&M

As promised, my latest H&M order.

Said it before but can't wait to receive it. The bag is actually last years' but I found it on SALE for only 10 euros. Ballerina's I haven't worn for ages but I thought these are so cute! The jeans I already own in black, minty green, coral red and lion's yellow but their my alltime favorite H&M pants. They cost only 20 euros and are really soft, light and have a great skinny fit, perfect for spring.

I'm going a bit crazy on the shopping again but yesterday I went to ZARA and I've never seen such a beautiful collection before! So a ZARA hauls' coming up....

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ja inderdaad, die brede zijn wel heel opvallend. Heel leuke bestelling! Ben heel beniewd hoe ze staan!

    xx Marije

  2. Ik ben al even geen fan meer van H&M maar vind deze dingen toch wel leuk!