woensdag 1 februari 2012

Current Favorite Shoes

These are my favorite shoes in stores at the moment
The shoes above are all Sacha. The pair on the right I've tried on yesterday but the fit was very poor. The suede of the shoe was really thin and gave no support at all so it felt like I was carrying a weight (the sole was really heavy) in a bag around my foot. What I managed to do in the store had nothing to do with walking so I wisely left them behind. Real shame cause they are exactly like the boots Topshop had weeks ago but they were sold out in an instant. I suppose they had better fit.
These are Boohoo, Isabel Marant and ZARA. I love the Boohoo ones but the quality is not so good, but what can you expect for such a low price right? The shoes in the middle are overpriced for my budget but the ZARA boots are just right. I haven't seen them in stores anywhere but think I'll bring 'em home once I come across them.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Mijn favs zijn de eerste, de tweede en de vijfde. Oh god liefde voor schoenen!

  2. De tweede en de vijfde vind ik prachtig :)!

  3. Leuke schoenen, vooral die eerste en die van IM! ♥

  4. Mooie schoenen, vooral de middelste van de bovenste rij en de middelste van de onderste rij (2e & 5e)!

  5. Beautiful shoes <3

    I invite you to